Thursday, November 15, 2018

Guitar award & Blues award

Blues man TeeDee Young has won the blues category 4 years in a row, and guitarist Ben Lacy has won the guitarist category 4 years in a row.
Ben Lacy (l) & TeeDee Young (r) 

To honor their years of dedication to their crafts, we are going to "retire" their names from said categories (they will be eligible in all other categories) and re-name the awards to honor them.

Henceforth, the guitarist award will be called "The Ben Lacy Award for Guitar Excellence".

The blues award will be called "The TeeDee Young Award for Blues Excellence".

The only other Lexi Music Award bearing a name is "The Jay Flippin Music Educator Award".

No similar award namings are planned for the foreseeable future.

5th Lexi Awards "Women in Music" Theme

Our over-arching theme for the 2019 Lexi Music Awards will be ""Women in Arts & Music".

As such, we are implementing several things, including

1) The Twiggenburys (our house band) will be replaced this year by a female-fronted or all-female act (auditioning acts now).

2) If possible, all of our musical performances at the awards show (Sunday, January 27 at the Lyric Theatre) will be female or female-fronted acts.

3) Our pro panel is going to be almost exclusively female.

4) We're even looking at businesses that are female owned and/or operated to be our sponsors.

5) And, of course, Edd MacKey from the Lexington Fashion Collaborative will be bringing young ladies to work as presenter guides (though this year will also be the first year we will have a few male presenter guides), who will be wearing clothing designed and made by local (female) designers.

More announcements soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Go vote NOW. Voting ends early November, so dont wait to tell your friends, family, peers, fellow music lovers, fan base, customers......


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why #10

10) Use it as a vehicle to "raise all boats".

That is, no one working in music today should be making 1985 pay rates. Not the venues, not the players, not the agents, not the sound techs, not the recording engineers.... Let's fix this.

Why #9

9) Use it as a vehicle to connect with other arts programs.

Yeah...from music orgs like KY Music Hall of Fame to organizations focused on theater, fashion, and the like. Think what this could turn into! We already work closely with the Lexington Fashion Collaborative on the awards show and want to expand these associations rapidly.

Why #8

8) Use it as a vehicle to expand artist opportunities.

One goal is to have every winner (and later down the road, every nominee) be guaranteed a slot at a regional festival. For example, bluegrass winner secures spot at major area bluegrass festival; rock winner secures slot at rock festival; jazz winner secures slot at jazz festival.

Why #7

7) Use it as a vehicle to raise money for arts programs.

Specifically, one goal is to raise a substantial sum each year, have central KY high schools submit an application, and choose a different winner each year to donate to their school music program.